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Pre-Placement/ Post Hire Exam
This examination will assist in determining if an applicant can perform the essential functions of the job and will establish a baseline medical status at the time of the examination. The examination consists of a medical history, hands on medical evaluation, vision, dipstick urinalysis, vital signs, musculoskeletal screening, and ability to perform essential works tasks and pre-existing condition evaluation.


Background Checks
Hiring a new employee? Trying to find out the criminal history of your current employees? Industrial Medical Associates provides TIER I and TIER II background checks. Most results can be emailed or faxed to a secured machine within 24 hours.


Substance Abuse Services


Department of Transportation Testing (DOT)
Meets 49CFR Part 40
Non-Department of Transportation Testing (NON-DOT)
We offer: 5 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel, and extended opiates.
Random Testing Program Management
(Consortia or Stand Alone)
We offer random drug testing programs which allow you, or your regulatory needs, to determine the frequency of the random drug screens.
24 X 7 Post-accident Testing in our area
All After hours testing is performed at Lawrence Rd. East on nights & weekends for all Reasonable Cause testing, the employee must be accompanied by the supervisor or security.

Hair Drug Testing
Hair Drug Testing can trace substance usage for about 3 months. This can provide a employers with a more thorough assessment of their employees’ substance usage.

Breath Alcohol
All of our breath alcohol technicians are DOT certified.

On-site Testing in our area
We can come to your locations for substance abuse testing.

Whether you have a one person business or a company with less than ten employees, Industrial Medical Associates will keep you in compliance with DOT regulations.

What is Consortium?

Third Party Administrators (TPA)
Do you need a physical exam or drug test to be performed in another region? An organization can lose valuable time and money trying to find reliable clinics.
Industrial Medical Associates, acting as consultants and Medical Review Officers (MRO) for other companies, has established a network of credentialed clinics throughout the United States. This means that IMA has the capacity to identify and contract with quality clinics at just about any location.
As your consultant and MRO, Industrial Medical Associates can review the physical exam or drug screen to add continuity to your program.

Regulatory and Employee Health

DOT Exam

A federally regulated biennial medical examination to determine if a person meets the federal standard to drive a truck. The evaluation includes: history, vision (distance, color and horizontal field of vision), dipstick urinalysis, and hands on medical examination. This exam may identify disqualifying physical impairments, diabetes, hypertension and epilepsy.

19A Exam

A New York State biennial medical examination to determine if a person meets the requirements to drive a bus. Similar to the DOT examination.

19A Form

FAA Exam

A federally regulated examination to medically certify individuals to fly a plane. At this time we can perform Class I, Class II and Class III examinations.

FAA Form

Audiometric Exam

“Occupational Noise Exposure Test.” This is the OSHA requirement for an employee exposed to an action level of 85dB or above. In addition to required testing, employers may want a baseline audio-metric test for new hires to determine hearing loss and to reduce their liability for possible prior hearing loss.

Respirator Suitability Exam

Initial Medical Evaluation: The examination includes evaluation for emphysema, bronchial asthma, pneumoconiosis, coronary artery diseases, cerebral vascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, anemia’s, sinus problem and claustrophobia.

Employer Respirator Information Form
Respirator History Questionnaire
Medical Examination
Pulmonary Function Test
Dip Stick Urinalysis

Asbestos (Initial) Exam

OSHA Standard: Medical surveillance for asbestos exposure which exceeds the action level for pre-exposure, annual and exit examination. The examination shall include a medical and work history, a complete physical examination of all systems with emphasis on the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract.
Asbestos Medical Surveillance (Itemized Billing)
Employer Information
Asbestos Medical Questionnaire
Respiratory Suitability
Medical Examination
Chest X-Ray (Radiologist certified as a B Reader)
Pulmonary Function Test
Dip Stick Urinalysis
If medically indicated for certification:

Lead Surveillance Exam

OSHA Guidelines: Establish Pre-exposure for Toxic Chemical Substances. Requires Periodic and Exit Examination. The examination includes:
Hazardous Substance Medical Surveillance Employer Surveillance
Lead Surveillance Questionnaire
Respirator Suitability Form
Medical Examination
Pulmonary Function Test
Blood Draw
Blood Work – CBC, Blood Lead, ZPP, BUN, Serum Creatinine, U/A Micro
If medically indicated for certification:

Chest X-Ray
Asbestos Annual (w/o Chest-X-Ray) Exam

Lead Screening for Exposures Under the PEL and Periodic Screening

Phlebotomy with interpretation
Lead/ZPP-Lab analysis

Heavy Metals Exam

OSHA Standard: Medical Surveillance for exposure, pre-exposure, annual and exit examinations.
Employer Information:
Hazardous Substance Medical Surveillance
Hazardous Waste Medical Questionnaire
Respirator Suitability
Medical Examination
Pulmonary Function Test
Blood Draw (99P)
Dipstick Urinalysis
Heavy Metals Urine Lab Analysis: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
If medically indicated for certification:

Chest X-Ray
Asbestos Annual (w/o Chest-X-Ray) Exam

Hazardous Waste Exam

OSHA Guidelines: Establish Pre-exposure for Toxic Chemical Substances. Periodic and Exit Examination.
Hazardous Substance Medical Surveillance
Hazardous Waste Medical Questionnaire
Respirator Suitability
Medical Examination
Pulmonary Function Test
Blood Draw (99P)
Dipstick Urinalysis
Blood Work (CBC/Chem Profile
If medically indicated for certification:

Chest X-Ray
Asbestos Annual (w/o Chest-X-Ray) Exam

Comprehensive Medical Exam

a. Identify health problems that can be impacted by lifestyle changes, fitness programs, nutrition, stress management and substance dependency control
b. Detect as early as possible all of the major chronic diseases including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well as evaluate vision, hearing and lung capacity. Exam consists of extensive medical history, hands on medical evaluation with vision, vital signs and additional tests recommended by Physician. (EKG, Chest X-Ray, Pulmonary Function, Audio Exam and Blood Tests itemized as required by Physician)

Return-to-Work Evaluations

This applies to a patient that has been treated by a medical provider and is unable to work due to illness or injury. IMA will determine whether the employee meets your company’s standards (ie. Job description and regulatory standards) for the employee to safely return and perform essential job functions.

Second Opinion Examination

FIT Testing


Workers’ Compensation

The situation

An employee is injured on the job. What happens next is critical to the final outcome. The execution of a well organized Action Plan which includes all necessary parties, tends to bring about the best result for the injured worker and hence the employer. At the center of the plan is the injured employee.
Once an injury triggers the action plan, someone, in your organization, needs to be employee’s advocate. This will result in the employee regaining the functional ability to perform at the workplace in the shortest time possible while avoiding many of the hidden costs of workers’ compensation. If an employee requires medical treatment beyond first aid, it is important for effective medical management to have close communication between the treating provider, insurance company, and the organization’s workers’ compensation representative.

Injury Treatment & Follow-Up

Our medical center is equipped with x-ray, minor surgical and orthopedic facilities to care for the less serious injuries. Generally, if a person can be transported by an automobile, the injuries can be treated at IMA.
Physician will attempt to work closely with employer and employee to safely return the injured employee back to work as quickly as possible. Consideration of modified work will be made, if appropriate.

The IMA Advantage: We are the Specialists/Partners

Industrial Medical Associates has over twenty years experience as problem solvers in this arena. Choosing the right medical partner is critical to reducing costs. Our caring occupational health team of providers, nurses, technicians and medical management team ensures timely, aggressive treatment and keeps your employees on the job or safely returns them to full duty or modified duty as soon as possible. The knowledge that our team has of your workplace environments, perhaps even the injured employee from a pre placement exam helps to achieve the safe return to duty. Our medical team is always available to discuss cases with the company’s compensation representative. If a medical referral is needed, IMA has a preferred panel of specialists who are sensitive to the objective of the Action Plan.
For injury care after IMA’s business hours, IMA has established relationships with emergency room departments so your employee does not get lost in the system. Thereafter, the employee may receive follow up care during our normal business hours.
To help you get started in planning your business’ Action Plan, please call Tim Christman at (315) 478-1977 Ext. 247.

Treatment of Injuries

Initial Assessment



Second Opinions



Inoculations & Immunizations

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Flu Shots

TB Testing

MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)



General Consultations

Overall medical review of employee status, review of previous medical records, extensive medical evaluation, and hands on medical examination to determine the medical status.

Active Return to Work Programs

Drug Free Workplace Programs

Ergonomics Assessments

Compliance Programs

Plant Safety Assessments